Aarhus Sport Academy has amazing facilities that you as a student have access to in your classes and your spare time. We are located as a part of a major sports center that offers perfect facilities for training in a wide variety of disciplines. This means that you won’t have to waste your time on transportation to and from classes.

Besides our amazing indoor and outdoor facilities for sports we also have a range of facilities for our musical and creative classes.

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At IHAA we have 10 halls that are equipped for different sports. This means that whether you have to practice badminton, handball or swimming we have the facilities right here at the school grounds. This means that you won’t have to waste your time on transportation but can spend all of your time on practice and having fun.

The Activity Hall

The Activity Hall is a sports hall that is always accessible to our students. This sports hall allows for multiple activities such as indoor football, volleyball, basketball, badminton etc. The hall also house a bunch of fitness equipment as well as a sound system and lighting for dance and fitness performances.

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The Vejlby-Risskov Hall

The Vejlby-Risskov Hall (hall 1) is our close neighbour and a show hall that can seat big crowds. This hall is the home court for some of the best local sports teams and as a student at IHAA you will have access to many of these matches. We will also borrow the hall when we need a bit more space for a class or when we host a big tournament against other sports folk high schools.

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Indoor swimming pool

Our indoor swimming pool is 12,5m x 25m and is used all year round. Kayak polo, how to roll a kayak, swimming lessons and diving classes are just some of the things we use our swimming pool for. We can always find a fun reason to get in the water.

Our pool has a modern filtering system that drastically reduces the need for chlorine, one 3-meter springboard and two 1-meter springboards as well as goals for water and kayak polo, and a lot of different equipment for swimming lessons.

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Hall 2, 3 and 4

Hall 2, 3 and 4, as they are creatively called, are three fully equipped 40 x 20 meter sports halls. We use them in all of our daily classes and if you choose for example handball, volleyball or basketball this is where you will have your classes. These are also available to be booked out at other times for extra practice or organising fun games with friends from school.

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The Tennis Hall

Our indoor tennis hall makes it possible to play tennis during the winter season. The hall has four courts, is 80 m. long and has a first class rubber floor. This hall means that you can practice your technique, game and physical condition year round. In addition to the hall we also have access to more than 10 outdoor clay courts.

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Aarhus Gymnastics Center

Aarhus Gymnastics Center offers amazing facilities for all kinds of gymnastic disciplines. If you choose our TeamGym sport subject this is where you practice. The center consists of two halls equipped with trampolines, foam pits, air tracks, bars etc. Some of the best gymnasts in Denmark train here.

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Frank’s Gym

As a student at IHAA you have free access to our gym. Frank’s Gym is equipped with everything you need in regards to both weight training as well as running mills, cross trainer and exercise bikes.

If you choose classes such as Fitness or Powersport or maybe if you have to rehabilitate after an injury you will get to know our trainer Frank Henriksen as well as his gym.

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Sports Square

Behind the sports halls we have an outdoor area that covers 5.000 square meters. In this area we have two beach volleyball courts, a beach handball court, a crossfit area, a 5 a side football pitch with artificial grass, a street basketball court, and a running track for sprints and intervals. As soon as the weather allows it we move our classes outside on this great sports square.

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Full-size artificial football pitch

At our artificial pitch you can practice football in all kinds of weather. The pitch even has a full lighting system which means that you have the best possible conditions to keep up your practice during the winter. If the weather should become too bad we always have access to halls and can move practice inside.

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10 football fields and a stadium

In addition to our artificial pitch we have 10 grass football fields and a grass stadium that we use for as long as the weather and the condition of the grass allows us. Our stadium also houses a running track and facilities for athletics.

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14 tennis courts

For your outdoor tennis practice we have 14 courts. We have access to three courts with artificial grass and 11 courts with red clay. In addition to our outdoor courts we can move practice to our indoor tennis hall during the winter months.

Other Facilities

Common room

You students have several rooms that are yours to use. In the main building we have a lounge area with pool, foosball, TV and comfy chairs. The room is also equipped with plenty of board games.

Away from the main building, in the accommodation blocks you have access to what we call the Café and the Tea Room. The Tea Room has a TV, couches, a small kitchen and is open all the time. The Café is open in the weekends and has a small bar that is run by a group of students. Where ever you go you have access to the school’s WiFi network.

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In the school’s basement you find our Cinema called the Bunker. It is equipped with 47 comfy chairs, a big screen and surround sound. Our cinema is mostly used by our film class but is always available for student to use in down time as well. You’re always welcome to pop some popcorn and organise a movie night or maybe a lazy movie day as well.

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Class Rooms

All of the school’s class rooms are open for you in your spare time. You can use the music room, fitness room or activity hall etc. The main building is closed off at 11 pm. From there on you can hang out in your rooms or the Tea Room.

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