Subjects - Århus Idrætshøjskole

Our subjects

Below, you can see the subjects we offer at IHÅ. As one of our students, you would choose subjects from all our subject areas, except for our special offers – which are, as the name implies – a special offer to you. These subjects are typically taught in the afternoons after your regular timetable has ended.

We have composed a broad pallet of subjects for you, including a wide choice of fantastic sports and music subjects. But there are also many other exciting subjects, and we promise that you will be able to compose a timetable you will be pleased with. Please enjoy exploring the many subjects we offer!

  • You have to choose
  • 2 Sport subjects
  • 1 Physical subject
  • 1 Optional subject
  • 1 Folk High School subject

Trips at IHÅ

While you attend IHÅ you will have the opportunity to participate in a number of different journeys and excursions, both within Denmark and abroad. There is the opportunity to go to Club La Santa, on skiing trips, outdoor-trips and various specialist trips. We can definitely offer trips that will give you memories for life.


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