Games - Århus Idrætshøjskole

Enter the challenging world of games

Our Elective, Games, is for those who love to compete and get a lot out of the community that comes with gathering around a game. In Games, you’ll get the opportunity to pause your busy everyday life and set aside your phone for a while when, during many cosy hours together, you try your hand at games within three categories: Board games, bar games, and e-sports. Here you will come across games as diverse as Risk, darts, and CS:GO, to name a few.


Challenges for everyone

We will play board games that primarily require strategy, tactics, and cooperation. It will be games where everyone competes against each other in teams or plays together against the “board”. We will explore bar games such as darts and billiards when we go to local clubs and meet those who enjoy these games. And, of course, we will go to the internet café where we will explore e-sports, typically CS:GO, a game that everyone can play but only a few master. If you are good at a particular game, we will add an extra layer of tactics and strategy for you, and no matter what, you will be challenged. And we will without a doubt have a lot of fun hours together!


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