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cross your boundaries into the unkown

In the Folk High School Subject, Horizon, you will learn how to expand your horizon, as the word implies. It could be the horizon in life but also physical borders as we discuss history, culture, and different dilemmas worldwide. In this class, you will get to know your boundaries as you feel and listen to yourself. You also have a say in what theme you would like to discuss with the other students in class. Most of all, we look to the horizon to learn what others do, also mainly what we do at Idrætshøjskolen Aarhus.

The class is in English since Horizon is for both international and Danish students.


We work with both Danish and international dilemmas.

You can expect a combination of presentations, debates, independent work, and trips outside the school. Sports political themes, social media, gender debate, culture, traditions and history are discussed, among many other things, from Danish and international perspectives.

You can look forward to working with different dilemmas in class. Also, an immersion course where you will have time and space to delve into some literary content within a self-selected topic such as fashion, food, travels – you decide. We also visit different cultural places such as Dokk1, Godsbanen, Bazarvest, and Mindeparken, and sometimes we even take a trip to the beach and jump in the water.

All in one, this Folk High School Subject will expand your horizon within a wide range of topics, dilemmas and tasks.


Kulturfag (2)

Mads Jakobsen

Teacher in Badminton, Ski & Snowboard, Horizon, Film & Media

mærk stemningen på ihå med en rundvisning

Overvejer du, om du skulle tage på højskole, men er du i tvivl, om det er noget for dig? Så kom og besøg os. Den bedste måde at blive afklaret på er ved at mærke stemningen, møde de mennesker, der er på højskolen, og se vores omgivelser og mange faciliteter med egne øjne.

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