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Physical subjects


Move PLAYFUL TRAINING FOR YOUR INNER CHILD In Move, you will experience new, more varied, and versatile training than you are used to. And you will, at the same time, discover unexplored possibilities for movement that your body is capable of. Movement is much, much more than a jog through a forest, a trip to …

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Multisport TAKE A DEEP DIVE INTO THE WIDE WORLD OF SPORT Are you the type of person who always thinks that it is fun to taste a new flavour, or thinks “I would really like to try that” if you see a crazy new sport  from Japan? Then, Multisport is, without doubt, just the thing …

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Body & Balance

Body & Balance TRAINING FOR BODY AND SOUL In Body & Balance, we work to get ‘the body in balance and balance in the body’. We aim to prevent overuse injuries, while we relax both the body and the mind. You will have Body & Balance twice per week, Monday and Wednesday mornings. On one …

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Swimming TIME FOR BOTH LAP SWIMMING AND RELAXATION IN THE SAUNA There can be many reasons why swimming is right up your street. Would you like to become more comfortable in the aquatic element? Would you like to ‘just’ become even better at swimming, get in better shape, or would you simply like to experience …

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Powersport TRAINING TAILOR MADE FOR YOUR GOALS Powersport at IHÅ is for those of you who love strength training and optimization of your strength and form. The training is based on you as an individual, and with your goals in mind – it can be, for example, becoming even better at the sporting discipline you …

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Dance BRING OUT YOUR PASSION FOR DANCING Dance at IHÅ is for those of you who cannot get enough of dancing and moving to music – and, moreover, are not afraid of sharing your passion for dancing with others. Your level is not crucial to us, and we will challenge you, irrespective of where you …

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