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Sports subjects


basketball WE GET BETTER TOGETHER Basketball at IHÅ is for those of you who are already passionate about one of the world’s most popular ball games, or if you are simply curious about the sport. With us, you will experience a fantastic training fellowship, where we make a virtue of making each other better at […]

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Handball THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU – WHATEVER YOUR AMBITIONS If one of your sports subjects is going to be Handball, you will come to train twice per week with full intensity. But if you have ambitions to improve even more, then our Handball Academy, with training four times per week, is without doubt

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tennis TENNIS LESSONS WITH CHALLENGES FOR EVERYONE At IHÅ, you will play tennis twice per week, and it always takes place in a positive atmosphere, with a focus on learning new things and improving your own and your partners’ tennis game. We warm up with coordination and physical exercises before we go over to technical

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Outdoor HAVE UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCES OUT IN NATURE Outdoor is for those of you who would like to have unique experiences and challenges in a fellowship where there is room for everyone. The natural environment forms a framework for an activity- and fellowship-creating space where we, at the same time, improve our skills within a multitude

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Kom i dit livs form med fitness på Idrætshøjskolen Aarhus


fitness BECOME FITTER THAN EVER If you choose fitness as one of your sports subjects during your stay at IHÅ, then you are assured of the very best basis for becoming fitter than you have ever been before! You will be trained by skilled, highly experienced instructors who are passionate about the subject. With fitness

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Dance BRING OUT YOUR PASSION FOR DANCING Dance at IHÅ is for those of you who cannot get enough of dancing and moving to music – and, moreover, are not afraid of sharing your passion for dancing with others. Your level is not crucial to us, and we will challenge you, irrespective of where you

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Volleyball OUR STARTING POINT IS YOU AND YOUR LEVEL Volleyball at IHÅ offers the joy of playing, personal development and training, both in our sports hall and on our outdoor beach court. Our starting point is your personal level and our aim is that you develop both in terms of the sport and mentally –

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Triathlon CHALLENGE YOURSELF WITH TRIATHLON Triathlon is the sports discipline for those of you who like versatile fitness training. You can participate irrespective of whether you are like a dolphin in the water, at home on the saddle of a push-bike or a racing bike, and whether your running shoes are worn out or completely

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Football Satisfy your hunger for football At IHÅ, you can have almost as much football on your timetable as you wish. If Football is one of your two sport subjects, you will train twice per week, but if you choose our Football Academy, you will come to have football four times per week and be

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Badminton MEET YOUR MATCH – NO MATTER WHAT YOUR LEVEL If you choose to take badminton at IHÅ you will receive intensive teaching in a great community twice per week. There is room for everyone here, and you will definitely improve your game, irrespective of whether you are an elite player or a beginner. Our

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