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Games Enter the challenging world of games Our Elective, Games, is for those who love to compete and get a lot out of the community that comes with gathering around a game. In Games, you’ll get the opportunity to pause your busy everyday life and set aside your phone for a while when, during many […]

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Multiart LET YOUR CREATIVITY FLOURISH In Multiart, you will have the opportunity to try out a number of creative projects, which you will define yourself. There is both time and room to experiment and become acquainted with various materials and express yourself in techniques and creative artisanal processes. You will, for example, come to work

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Your voice

Your voice PUT YOUR VOICE IN THE SPOTLIGHT Your Voice is a programme of singing lessons, with a focus on vocalization and song performance. Our starting point is your individual level and what you would like to become better at. It might be that you will improve your singing technique, body-awareness, expression, or interpretation. Your

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Food Magazine

Food magazine BECOME WISER ABOUT FOOD AND FOOD CULTURE Does food mean more to you than just something that you eat three times per day, and are you, at the same time, curious and interested in food and food culture? Then Food Magazine is the subject for you. You will gain basic food skills here,

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Band TIME TO LIVE OUT YOUR ROCK-STAR DREAMS Have you always wanted to stand on a stage and rock out with your own band? Now, you have the chance! Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a routine musician, you have the opportunity to live out the dream of playing in a band if

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Drama MAKE YOUR PRESCENCE FELT ON THE STAGE In Drama, you will become part of a class where we challenge ourselves when we, for example, play with impro-theatre, which you perhaps know from live performances and similar TV shows. If you are good at ‘Hint’ or ‘Charades’, then you are, without doubt, also good here!

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Film NOT EVERY FILM IS MADE IN HOLLYWOOD Do you love watching a good film? Are you even a film nerd or do you just want to learn more about the world of film? Then Film is the ideal option for you. You will quickly experience that the film industry includes much more than the

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Crash DO YOU DARE TO TREAD OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE? Crash is for those of you who want challenges and are ready to test your limits – both psychologically and physically. Here, amongst other things, you will come to work with your personal development and your views on other people. In Crash, you will,

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