The Student Union

The Student Union is made up of a large group of IHAA alumni that wish to keep in touch with the folk high school that has given them so many amazing experiences.
The Student Union is comprised of around 600 previous students.  On the board is seven alumni and 2-3 current students. In additon to the board are subdivisions with small boards of their own. All activities in the Students Union are based on voluntary work.

A year in the Student Union is registered from the annual general meeting to the next. The annual general meeting is held in connection with the “Boldspilstævnet” every year in november. “Boldspilstævnet” is one of the events that the Student Union plans every year for their members.

There is always something happening in the Student Union. There are meetings with the board or on some project that is being planned. You can always contact the board if you have an idea for a project or an event that you think could be something for the Student Union.

If you have any questions about the Student Union or some of their events, please contact the board at [email protected].

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The Board

Member Titel e-mail
Matilde Kjærgaard Chairman [email protected]
Marie Egebjerg Christensen Vice chairman
Jeppe Skov Bergholdt Treasurer [email protected]
Lauge Johannes Pedersen Member
Caroline Sophie Langkjær Member
Jonathan Sørensen Member
Mille Ravnsgaard Seerup Member
Catrine Johana Gregersen  Substitute
Pernille Bjaldby Christensen Substitute
 Simon Nørgaard Harbo Substitute

Member Benefits

As a member of the Student Union you will experience certain benefits. At parties and events you will get discount on both entry tickets and prices in the bar.

There are no good excuses not to be a member. You will get discounts and a great chance to keep in touch with your old friends.

How to register?

If you are not already a member, it is really easy to become one.

All you have to do is contact the facebook group “Elevforeningen Ihå” or send an email to [email protected]. A membership is valid for five years at a time, and the price will quickly be earned back if you participate in a few parties. if you have been a member previously you can register for just one year instead of five.