As a student at IHÅ you have the opportunity to get out into the world on some fantastic trips. We leave for a number of exciting destinations around the world, sometimes the entire school goes on a trip together, sometimes it is in smaller groups, when the sport subjects go on individual class trips.

In autumn, the entire school leaves for a place called "Sletten" - here the days are filled with outdoor recreation and lots of fun, excitement and challenging activities in the stunningly beautiful area that is framed by Julsø and Himmelbjerget.

In calendar week 49 the entire school takes off again - this time we will leave the dull, cold and grey winter in Denmark behind and head south to La Santa Sport, Lanzarote. Here we will enjoy the sun, get new impulses from the teachers on site, take advantage of the numerous facilities, and experience an awesome week of teaching.

The skiing and snowboard class is taking of for a place with guaranteed snow in the Alps in week 41 for a trip filled with intensive skiing and fantastic experiences.

Outdoor Adventure is a subject that has to be experienced outdoors, so the class will go on tour frequently throughout the school year. There are trips to the mountains of Norway, to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, skiing in the Alps and more. You can see a list of all the trips with Outdoor Adventure here (link to course description)

In the spring the entire school goes on a skiing trip in calendar week 6 Here we meet the students of the skiing and snowboard class, who are already taking off in week 5 and have an intensive week of skiing followed by a week filled with more skiing and shared experiences.
In calendar week 12, the skiing and snowboard class is heading out for their Easter trip to the amazing skiing areas Myoko Kogen, Japan!

Calendar week 11 is designated for class trips at IHAA - in this week the individual sport subjects go on study trips to different destinations.