What Kind of School is Sport Academy Aarhus?

Sport Academy Aarhus, or Idrætshøjskolen Aarhus, which is our Danish name, is a Danish Sport Folk High School. We are like a microcosmic society with students and staff living, eating and sharing daily life together. Our courses run for 23 weeks in the spring, 18 weeks in fall or 41 weeks with school beginning in January and August. By Danish law, we are required to provide a general broadening education including democratic culture and life learning. The difference from our type of school and other schools within the educational system is freedom in selecting our subjects, methods of teaching and types of classes. We aim for a learning environment based on mutual respect and where the teachers guide the students in their learning.

Our school is based on five core values which are Cooperation, Involvement, Respect, Development, and Activity.

Our Student Body
Our student body are to a large degree young people between the age of 18-24, who spend 5-12 months here as a preparation for their future studies.We have a diverse student body in terms of societal, educational and cultural background and around 20% international students from all over the world.

A full and varied schedule
Our students have a full time schedule every week with 50% sport classes and 50% classes that covers a wide range of subjects such as history, psychology, communication, politics, coaching, art, film and world culture.

What is a Danish Folk High School?

Danish Folk High Schools offer non-formal adult education based on mutual respect and learning between students, teachers and staff at the school. There are no academic requirements and no exams.

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