Trips at IHAA

While you are a student at our school you’ll have the opportunity to go with us on a number of different trips.

Some of the trips are study trips for specific classes while others are study trips for the entire school. Common to all the trips are, that they are paid for seperately. However, unless otherwise stated the price for the trip is including all your expenses such as transport, room, board, classes,

and activities during the trip. All you need to bring is a bit of pocket money.

Sign up for the different trips are binding, but don’t worry. We won’t ask you to sign up until you have arrived at the school and have had a chance to hear a lot more about the trips.

You can read about the different trips below.

Trips spring semester

ski trip idrætshøjskolen aarhus
ski trip idrætshøjskolen aarhus
football trip idrætshøjskolen aarhus
club la santa lanzarote
song writer camp idrætshøjskolen aarhus
outdoor trip scandinavia idrætshøjskolen aarhus
surf camp idrætshøjskolen aarhus
diving trip idrætshøjskolen aarhus

Ski trip in the Italian alps

The ski trip to the Italian Alps takes place in the beginning of February. The trip is divided in two weeks. The first week is for the students who have chosen to be a part of our ski and snowboard class. During the second week the rest of the students and a lot of teachers join the ski and snowboard class on the slopes.

The destination for the ski trips is Marilleva that is connected to the Folgarida and Madonna di Campiglio area. We stay in small apartments right on the mountainside and with a ski lift near by.

The first week is for the ski enthusiasts. Depending on your level of experience and skills we offer different workshops and practice sessions with our experienced instructors. There will also be different opportunities to go off piste with our instructors. This week you will really experience how the many hours in the company of our ski instructors will develop your skiing.

The second week is for all of the school’s students incl. the ski and snowboard class. This week is all about having fun with your friends in the snow and improving your skiing. The first part of the day is reserved for ski school in small groups based on your level of experience.

During the afternoon you can join different workshops or explore the slopes on your own. The evenings are for gatherings, singing and the crowning of the funniest crash of the day.

When: Week 5 and 6
Week 5 and 6: approx DKK 12.300,-
Week 6 only:  approx DKK 6.300,-

The prices is is incl. transport, board, room, equipment rental, lift pass and ski school.

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Third ski trip

The third travel week for the ski and snowboard class is all about using our newly improved skills to explore interesting ski areas.

In the spring we are travelling to one of the unique ski areas in Canada.

Football Trip in Europe

During March we go on a combined training and culture trip to experience football clubs matches and fan culture somewhere in Europe. With for example London, Barcelona, or Amsterdam as our base we’ll have a few practices on grass, we’ll watch and analyse matches, maybe visit a football academy and off course just be tourists in the city we are visiting.

When: March
Price: Approx. DKK 3.000,-

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football trip idrætshøjskolen aarhus

Club La Santa

The second big trip during the spring semester is when the whole school travels to Club La Santa in Lanzarote.

Club La Santa is a well known destination in the sports world. The resort offers amazing facilities and talented instructors under the sun in Lanzarote.

The trip to Club La Santa is for all of our students and we simply move all of our classes to the resort. We enjoy training in the sun and get inspired by the resort’s talented instructors. There is nothing better than turning your daily routine upside down and meeting new challenges.

You will have plenty of opportunity to practice your sport during the week, but there will also be plenty of time to try some of the many activities Club La Santa offers such as mountainbike, surfing, or triathlon. The week will be filled with the famous folk high school spirit with gatherings, singing and just having a nice time together.

When: March
Price: Approx 6.400,-

club la santa idrætshøjskolen aarhus

Outdoor Adventure

Adventure Trip in Denmark, February
On our first adventure trip during the spring semester we’ll stay in Denmark. We are going to sleep in shelters and test our cooking skills on a trangia stove. This trip is all about getting experience for our more challenging trips to Sweden and Norway. We are going to hike with all of our equipment and gear, get familiarised with the mountain bike and a lot of other exciting stuff.

Fell Trip to Norway, March
We’ll go cross-country skiing in the gorgeous Norwegian fells. We’ll spend the nights in a cosy little cabin and spend the days exploring the fells on ski. Think beautiful nature, plenty of snow, iglo making, and campfires and marshmallow roasting in the snow.

Price: Approx. DKK 3.000,- (for all trips)

outdoor iglo idrætshøjskolen aarhus

Adventure Trip to Sweden – dates will be updated
A trip filled with fun and challenging adventures in Sweden. We’ll try rock climbing, river rafting and a bunch of other stuff.

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Song Writer Camp on Samsø

In May the song writing class takes the ferry to the small danish island Samsø which is located of the coast of Aarhus. On Samsø we stay in a large villa that has been remodeled as a recording studio with accommodation for musicians. Away from the city and immersed in the beautiful nature on Samsø we finish our songs and record a few of them in the professional studio.

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song writer camp idrætshøjskolen aarhus

Surf Camp at the Danish West Coast

In May you can join us on a surf trip to the Danish west coast. Aarhus is located on the eastern coast of Jutland that is known for its calm winds. The west coast of Jutland is on the other hand known for its wide sandy beaches and rough wind conditions. If the conditions allow us we’ll surf on the coast but we’ll also have fun on wake board in the cable park.

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surf camp idrætshøjskolen aarhus

Trips fall semester

Club la Santa idrætshøjskolen aarhus
outdoor adventure idrætshøjskolen aarhus
ski austria idrætshøjskolen aarhus
sletten idrætshøjskolen aarhus

Club La Santa

Club La Santa in Lanzarote is a well known destination in the sports world. The resort offers amazing facilities and talented instructors under the sun in Lanzarote.

When the danish fall weather becomes the grayest of grey the entire school travels south towards the sun in Lanzarote. The trip to Club La Santa is for all of our students and we simply move all of our classes to the resort. We enjoy training in the sun and gets inspired by the resort’s talented instructors. There is nothing better than turning your daily routine upside down and meeting new challenges.

Time: November
Price: Approx. DKK 6.200,-

outdoor adventure idrætshøjskolen aarhus
river rafting idrætshøjskolen aarhus

Outdoor adventure

Outdoor Adventure offers three overnight trips during the fall of 2017.

Sea Kayaking in Denmark, late August.
As soon as we have become comfortable with our kayak in the indoor pool and along the coast of Aarhus, we venture of on a longer trip. We’ll kayak up along the coast, camp on the beach and continue on our way the next day. We’ll enjoy each other’s company, the nature and the ocean. Maybe we’ll be lucky to meet a porpoise or a seal.

Trip to Sweden, October.
We’ll pack our bikes and head towards the ferry and Sweden. The nights will be spent around the fire and we sleep in a primitive shack. The days are packed with adventures and activities. Among other things we’ll challenge ourselves with river rafting, rock climbing, and abseiling.

The Danish Challenge, early December.
We’ll round off Outdoor Adventure with a challenge. Sleeping under the open skies in Denmark in December can be cold, we’ll admit to that. However, as a team of experienced outdoorsmen you can handle it. This last trip is your opportunity to challenge yourself and maybe overcome some fears you had not thought possible back in august.

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Ski trip to Austria

In the fall the ski and snowboard class goes on a week long trip to Hintertux in Austria.

This trip is a real folk high school trip with lots of time together, gatherings in the evening and off course crowning of the funniest crash of the day. The days are packed with ski classes and workshops with our talented instructors. Regardless of your starting point, you can expect to improve your technique and skills significantly during the trip. There will also be plenty of time to go off on your own and explore the area.

The Hintertux Glacier is a year round ski resort in the Tyrolean Zillertal Valley in Austria

When: November
Price: Approx DKK 5.200,- (incl. transport, room and board, lift pass, classes, and equipment rental)

sletten idrætshøjskolen aarhus


This trip is a “get-to-know-each-other” for the entire school. The destination is a large Scout Camp called Sletten which is located in a beautiful area with hills, lakes and forrests. For a week we’ll move the entire school to this camp and really get to know each other.

This week offers plenty of outdoor activities.  You can go canoeing, climbing, on mountainbike, orienteering and off course just enjoy each others company while roasting marshmallows around a camp fire.

When: September
Price: 0,- (incl. in your tuition)