Student Counselling

Are you in need of ideas and inspiration for your future education and career? As a kid it’s easy to say football player, princess or fireman, but as we grow up the answer is often not as easy. At IHAA we have a student counselor that is happy to help you with any questions or information regarding your future education.

Do you Know What you Want?

If you are thinking about continuing your studies in Danmark after your stay at IHAA we’ll help you the best we can. Your student counselor can help with almost everything regarding choosing the right education and application processes. If we do not know the answer to your questions we’ll help you get in touch with someone who can.

Improve Your Resume

A Folk High School stay is a positive addition to any resume and our different classes can possibly help you get accepted into the education of your choice. We’ll help you plan your classes and make sure you get a diploma for your attendance.

The City of Aarhus

Aarhus is an amazing city filled with students and a wide range of educational institutions. More than 50.000 students in the city means that Aarhus has the largest share of inhabitants aged 20-29 in Denmark. The large share of young people means that Aarhus has an exciting culture and city life that you can enjoy while you are attending IHAA.

Get to know yourself

During a folk high school stay you will get to know yourself even better than you already do. Sometimes this means that the answer to your future appears all on its own. Otherwise Inga is ready to help you.