Outdoor Adventure

You will feel your heartbeat and probably experience some butterflies in your belly if you choose Outdoor Adventure as one of your sport subjects. Guided by our experienced Outdoor teachers, you will get challenges and experiences in water, on land, and in the air. Last but not least, you will experience a fellowship and bond with your friends that will make you push yourself further than you thought possible.

You will get the opportunity to try kayaking, mountain bike, climbing and everything that is possible in between.

Outdoor climbing

Kayaking in the bay of Aarhus

If you are interested in sea kayaking, Aarhus Sport Folk High School is the right place. We kayak in the Bay of Aarhus which is located just 5 minutes away by bike, and we play kayak polo in our indoor pool. On our trips you’ll get a chance to try wave kayak or white water kayak. It may sound challenging, but our experienced teachers can always find a challenge that fits your level of experience. The most important thing for them is for you to have great experiences and a lot of fun.

outdoor sea kayaking

outdoor mountain bike

Mountainbike in the forest

The forests around Aarhus has some of Denmark’s best terrain for mountain biking. The large forests south of Aarhus have single track routes for you to follow for hours.

At IHAA we both have mountain bikes and road bikes for you to borrow. You just have to hop on and get going.

Teamwork and “hygge”

Teamwork is very important in Outdoor Adventure, and you will experience a fellowship like no where else because you overcome fears and work as a team 24 hours a day, while you are on trips. By the fire in the evening or inside your newly built igloo you will experience the very special danish “hygge”. With a marshmallow roasting by the fire and a cup of hot cocoa in hand, you will see your teammates in a whole new light.


Outdoor Adventure goes on several trips during both the spring and fall semester. The following list can give you an idea of what to expect.


January: Trip in Denmark. We test our gear an abilities and prepare for our trip to Norway in March.
March: Trip to the Norwegian fells. We cross-country ski with all of our equipment on our backs or in sleds, and we build igloos to sleep in.
April: Adventure trip to Sweden. You can look forward to activities such as river rafting, white water kayak and lots of climbing.
May: Sea kayaking along the coast of Aarhus. We make camp for the night on the beach.
June: Adventure race.


August: Sea kayaking along the coast of Aarhus.
September: Sletten, Ry. Camping trip for the entire school with lots of outdoor activities and team building.
October: Fell expedition to Norway.
December: The personal challenge. We sleep under the stars in the wintertime and test all of our outdoor skills. This is your chance to overcome those last challenges.

Your Outdoor teachers

Jakob Mønsted
Jakob can manage just about anything that takes place outside. He is a certified kayak, climbing and ski instructor with great experience. Apart from Outdoor Adventure, Jakob also teaches Basketball and Food Seminar.

Søren Møller
Søren is a real folk high school man with great focus on team building and unity among students and staff. He teaches Outdoor Adventure and Event Management.

René Schmidt

René teaches kayak, climbing, ski and surf. René also teaches Triathlon and Crash. On top of this, he is an accomplished musician and singer.