Handball at ihaa

Handball practice at IHAA brings you into focus. We look at each one of you and your level of experience and plan the practice sessions in order for all to be challenged and have fun. The joy of the game and practice is something we value and pursue through different training exercises.

If you choose handball as a sport subject you will have handball practice two times a week in combination with your other classes. As a student at our Handball Academy you will have practice four times a week and experience a more ambitious focus on you and the development of your talent.


become a better player

Our goal is to make you aware that it takes more than just jumping force and a powerful throwing arm to be a good handball player. Pace, timing, rhythm, fight, time, and power are some of the elements we focus on. We also focus on you getting to know yourself. By knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, you will become a better player and a part of a well-functioning handball team.

Stay in shape

We play practice matches against each other, local teams, and other sport folk high schools. These matches are an opportunity for you to measure and compare your abilities to the other players while you and your team gets to perform and grow together.

Lina Rask

Handball Academy

Our Handball Academy is for the players who wish to focus on handball and test their talent with goal-oriented practice. As a student at our Handball Academy you will have practice four times a week in combination with physical training and regular folk high school classes. Boys and girls train together and challenge each other in different ways.

At our Handball Academy, you will have the best conditions to test your athletic ambitions while experiencing the danish folk high school life. Your classes will be planned to leave time for practice with a local club if you wish for more handball.

An international training environment

Especially at our Academy, but also in the general social life of the school, you will experience an international environment. We usually have handball players from most of the world, among others from countries such as England, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Brasil, Hungary, Japan, Italy and Canada. Prepare to have your horizon expanded with other handball cultures and be ready to absorb the strong danish handball culture.

Become a handball coach

You can use a folk high school stay for a lot of things, one of them is adding content to your CV. As a handball student you can take the base modules in the Danish Handball Associations youth coaching education. You only have to pay a small amount for the teaching materials and our handball coaches are certified instructors.


Handball trips

In the spring you can join us on a combined training and study trip. Previous years we have traveled to Germany or England and in 2019 the plan is to visit northern Germany. We’ll visit several clubs where we’ll have an opportunity to train and we’ll watch matches in the German national handball league. We’ll also find time to learn a bit about the culture and history of our destination.

When: March 2019
Pris: Approx. DKK 2.500,00

Your handball coaches

Jesper Holmris
Jesper is a former professional handball player with an active career in Bjerringbro and Switzerland. In addition, Jesper is trained as EHF master coach and has a lot of experience as a coach – women’s coach in Switzerland, women’s coach for the UK Olympic project and women’s coach in China as well as assistant coach for Aarhus handball and head coach for SK Aarhus.

Jan Paulsen
Jans handball history offers on matches at the red danish national team, in the German Bundesliga, French, Spanish and Italian handball. Besides being a handball coach at IHÅ, Jan has been the head coach for, among other things, Mors-Thy men, who he led from a bottom position to the final game in 2013. Right now he is the head coach for Ribe-Esbjerg in the male national league.