Football and Football Academy

Football training at IHAA is for players at all levels. Training is planned to challenge you at your level of experience and is for both boys and girls. You can look forward to an ambitious training environment where each practice is focused on making you a better player, but also at making you a strong team player. Our ambition is that you should be able to look back at your stay at our school and feel that you have developed your skills as a football player – both in your legs and in your mind.

Amazing training facilities

You will have access to amazing training facilities as a student at IHAA. We have a full size artificial pitch with lights and several grass pitches. This means that you can develop as a player year round. Sometimes if the weather becomes too horrible we’ll go inside and have fun with indoor football or futsal. All of our facilities are just outside our doors so you won’t be wasting time on transportation to and from practice.

Sport subject or academy?

You can choose football either as a regular sport subject or as a student at our Academy. If you choose football as a sport subject you will have practice two times a week, and you will combine this subject with another sport subject that you will also have two times a week. If you choose to become a student at our Football Academy you will focus on football with four weekly practices. Classes are structured as regular club practice with a good mix of different exercises and theory. Our competent and highly skilled coaches are passionate about the game and will be focused on your personal development from day one. We work with different drills for formations and tactics and test our skills in matches against other folk high schools and local teams.


Football trips

Each spring we go on a real football trip. We have training and experience football clubs, matches and fan cultures in the German Bundesliga and Dutch Eredivisie. Based at a hotel on the border between Germany and Holland we have practice, watch matches, visit Ajax’s famous football academy and we also find time to be tourists in Amsterdam.

During the fall we go on an intensive 24 hour football trip to England. We unleash our inner football nerds when we board the plane to go see a match in either Premier League or Champions League. During transport you will be quizzed in your football knowledge, bets might be made and the coaches tell tales of their careers. We also try to find time for a beer at a classic British pub.

Football Academy

Football Academy is a unique offer to both boys and girls. At the academy you can focus on football and test your talent while living at a folk high school and enjoying the social life and other classes at the school. At the Academy you have practice four times a week with like minded players from Denmark and abroad. Girls and boys have practice together and are matched so everyone is challenged and have the best conditions to develop their abilities. We have no specific requirements in order to become a student at the Academy, but you have to take your training and development seriously.

Your Football coaches

Arne Grønbæk
Arne is the vice principal and head of our Football Academy. Arne has a long career as a player and a coach behind him and he is qualified to educate new football coaches.

Søren Sinnbeck
Søren teaches both at the academy and regular football practice. He is IHAA’s indoor specialist and has won several regional championships.

Morten Bruun
Morten is a former player on the Danish national football team, and he was a part of the Danish victory at the European Championships in 1992. He is qualified as a UEFA A-coach.