As a part of IHAA’s Fitness class you will train fitness at least two times a week. You will have to choose another sports class that you will also train two times a week. If you just want Fitness you also have the possibility of choosing Fitness in both your A and B band and have Fitness class four times a week.

Our classes takes place in our own Frank’s Gym, on our outdoor cross-fit area or in our activity hall where there is plenty of space and equipment for different activities. You will experience individual instruction and plenty of group training in different fitness disciplines. Our classes are planned for you to get the most out of your training. When you choose Fitness at IHAA you’ll be introduced to a world of intensity, strength and endurance through a variety of fitness disciplines.

Frank's Gym

Get a taste of a crossfit session for the fitness students

We’re sorry about the lack of english,
but you get to see a dancing Frank the Tank

Fitness Trip to Club La Santa

Club La Santa on Lanzarote is well known in the sports world for its pleasant climate, great facilities and amazing instructors.

The fall trip to Club La Santa is a common trip for the entire school where we move all of our classes to Lanzarote. At the resort we enjoy the warm weather and let La Santa’s instructors give us new inspiration for our training.

In the spring semester some sports classes have Club La Santa as the destination for their spring trip. Volleyball, Fitness, Tennis and Dance are just some of the classes that have Club La Santa as their destination.

Your Fitness Instructors

Anne Juhl Nielsen

Frank Henriksen
Frank has a master in Sports Science and great experience as a physical trainer for some of the best football and handball teams in Denmark.

Anne Juhl Nielsen

Árni Árnason
Árni is IHAA’s icelandic bear. You’ll be sure to see him in front when kettlebells or when Cross-Fit is on the programme. Árni also teaches Powersport and Basketball.

Anne Juhl Nielsen

Anne Bønning Jakobsen
Anne teaches fitness and Body&Balance. When Anne is not at IHÅ, she studies sports and political science at Aarhus University.