The goal for our dance classes is a strong body that moves beautifully in harmony and balance. Regardless of your previous level of experience in the world of dance, we will shape the classes to fit your body, wishes, and goals. If you choose dance as one of your two sport subjects, you will have dance class two times a week.

Our experienced instructors are happy to help you find a suitable dance school and class in Aarhus if you should wish for even more dance.

dance class

dance class idrætshøjskolen aarhus


The classes will be organized to suit your different levels of experience and caters to both male and female dancers. Regardless of gender, experience, and ambitions the most important factor you need is a desire to become better, work hard and have fun. In the beginning we focus on mastering the basic elements of dance. That way we will have a great starting point for developing your personal style and joy of dance.

Choreography will always be a cornerstone in our classes. We work primarily with hip hop and street dance, but we will also challenge our selves with other styles and are open to requests from you or your friends. All of our dances are of course in combination with the contemporary music that you enjoy.

A Thriving Dance Culture

Our unique location in the city gives us great opportunities to explore the thriving dance culture in Aarhus. We will attend shows in the different dance theaters, participate in workshops with guest choreographers and dance at the home games for Bakken Bear, our local basketball team.

Travels With Dance

Both in the fall and in the spring you will have an opportunity to work with your choreography at Club La Santa on Lanzarote. Club La Santa is a resort that is well known in the sports world for their enjoyable weather, great training facilities and talented instructors.

In the fall, the trip to La Santa is for the entire student body and we simply move our classes away from the windy and rainy fall weather in Denmark.

In the spring of 2015 the dance class went to London on a trip where they, besides exploring the city, participated in dance workshops and experienced London’s vibrant dance culture.

Your teachers at Dance

Sofie Kruuse has, together with her husband René, won several national and international dance tournaments in latin dance. The last 15 years Sofie and René has taught hip hop classses and have had teams qualify for the world championships in Las Vegas the last six years. Sofie has also participated in two seasons of the Danish Dancing With the Stars.

René Brix has a long career in dance behind him and has won many tournaments with Sofie. For more than a decade René has focused his teaching on hip hop classes where several of his teams have won numeral Danish Championship titles. René assists Sofie and teaches some classes during the semester.