Basketball at IHÅ is about pace, timing and teamwork. The teaching will be a mix of practical and theoretical exercises and consist of elements such as technique, ball handling, tactics and coaching. Focus will be both on the individual and the entire team. In addition, the education will also include sports culture with a focus on fair play in team sports.

If you choose basketball as one of your two sports special, you will be training basketball twice a week. Whether you’ve been in a club before or if you’ve just played street basketball for fun, the training will make sure you will always be challenged while learning something new.

If you want to play in a club in addition to training at IHÅ, we can help you find the one that suits your level.

Basketball at Idrætshøjskolen Aarhus

technique, strength and stamina

The daily training is based on the basic technical elements such as ball handling, footwork and fundamentals. From there we extend the training to the team game, where we work with game understanding, placement on the pitch, fixed breaks as well as defense and attack systems. We place great emphasis on your personal development and therefore part of the training is also strength, explosiveness and continuous training.

An intense basketball environment

While living at Idrætshøjskolen Aarhus you will land right in the middle of a world of basketball. One of the best teams in Denmark, Bakken Bears, have their home court in the halls you will be practicing in. Your coach, Jakob Mønsted, has won the National Championship with the team three times. With Bakken Bears home court as our neighbours you will have access to many home matches throughout the basketball season.

Idrætshøjskolen Aarhus is located in a world of basketball

Your basketball coaches

Jakob Mønsted
With three national titles in the Bakken Bears jersey, Jakob has great experience as a player, but he is also passionate about passing on his abilities as a coach.

Árni Árnasson
Árni is IHAA’s Icelandic bear. He has great experience as a player and a coach in Iceland and Denmark. On top of his abilities on the basketball court Árni teaches Fitness and Powersport.