Ski and snowboard

As a part of our ski and snowboard class you will get unique opportunities to develop your skiing with help from our talented instructors. Regardless of your starting point you will elevate your level noticeably. Our ski and snowboard class can be chosen independently of your other subjects as the classes are planned as extra classes in your schedule.

In the spring semester you have the opportunity of three weeks on ski. The first two weeks we travel to the European Alps. Previous destinations have been Valmenier in France and Marilleva in Italy. The first week is only for the ski class and you can be really nerdy about your skiing. In the next week the rest of the school joins the ski class and the focus shifts to everyone having fun together.

ski at Idrætshøjskolen Aarhus

Travel the world

In the third week on ski during the spring semester, we travel to a new destination. Previous years we’ve traveled to Whistler in Canada, and one year to Japan. The next destination might be Norway. No matter the destination this trip is all about conquering new challenges on and off the pistes with your improved skills on your skis or board.

Please contact the school if you want to be sure about where we are planning to travel to during the next semesters.

Read more about travels at IHAA

Ski video

This video offers a few glimpses from the ski trip to Valmenier, France, in January 2015.

indoor ski at idrætshøjskolen aarhus

Indoor training sessions in Aarhus

Before we travel abroad we will train in one of the few indoor ski arenas in Denmark. Here we can fine-tune our technique in front of the mirrors on the ski equivalent of a tread mill. In addition to this you can improve your coordination, balance, and strength in the gymnastics center that is located right next to the school. You will also have some theory and security instructions regarding for example avalanches and upkeep of your equipment.

Off piste

The school has avalanche safety equipment that you will learn how to use if you are interested in going off piste with us on one of the trips. We will also give you both theoretical and practical lessons on how to stay safe when you go skiing outside the marked piste. As a reward you will get some of the most amazing ski experiences in your life.



Your ski and snowboard teachers

Jakob Mønsted
As an educated ski, kayak and climbing instructor with great experience Jakob is Mr. Outdoor at IHAA. Be prepared to be outpaced by his six year old son on the piste.

Morten Lund
Morten teaches Ski and Crash. He is qualified to educate new ski instructors.

René Schmidt
René is an educated ski instructor and also teaches Triathlon, Outdoor and Crash. He is also often the frontman in the teacher band.

Michael Pilgaard

Michael Pilgaard
Teaches ski and surfing

Jacob Struve Nielsen
Jacob is a man of many talents. In addition to teaching ski he also teaches Handball, Tennis, and Drama.