Physical Training

You have to choose one physical training subject which you will have classes in two times a week. You can choose between Power Sport, Body & Mind, Pilates and Multisport. You can choose what you think is fun and interesting, but your physical training is also a subject that can help you shape your body, improve your balance or become stronger, faster or able to jump higher and hereby become better at your primary sport.


Powersport at IHAA is the right class for you, if you like weight training and optimization of your physical fitness. Classes takes place in the schools own gym called Franks’s. You will have access to the gym in your spare time as well.

Powersport is about perfecting your physical fitness to your primary sport. We focus on heavy weights and only 1-5 repetitions. This gets a bit technical, but in traditional strength training many people focus on inducing the fastest possible muscle growth (hypertrophy). In Powersport the training that we encourage is more focused on the nervous system rather than any specific muscle fibers. By lifting very heavy weights we increase the ability to send stronger signals from the brain to the working muscles. Rather than putting stress on specific muscle fibers numerous times, the goal of this type of training is to activate a greater number of fibers in specific muscles.

Become stronger and not just heavier
This type of training with very heavy weights but few repetitions means that Powersport will help you become stronger without necessarily becoming heavier. Instead you will increase your relative strength. A high relative strength is an advantage in a lot of different sports where, for example, jumping force and acceleration is important. You will become stronger without becoming slow and heavy.

physical training powersport

Free Weight Training
By exclusively working with free weights we increase our strength, but we also challenge our motor function, balance and muscle control. It takes concentration and core strength to, not only move the free weights but also keep them in control while controlling your own body.

Powersport is effective training to improve your physical fitness no matter what your previous level of experience is.

Frank Henriksen
Frank has a master in Sports Science and great experience as a physical trainer for several different sports clubs at a national level. At our school he rules in Frank’s Gym and teaches Fitness and Powersport.

Árni Árnasson
Árni is IHAA’s Icelandic bear with great experience in weight training and rehabilitation training after sports injuries. Árni teaches Powersport, Fitness, Basketball and Film.

Body & Balance

In Body & Balance we work towards a balanced body and mind. Our goal is for you to become more conscious of your body and mind and to become aware of your own approach to training and motivation. We will challenge your body’s stability and balance with mindfulness, yoga, tai chi, stretches and stress relief. You will gain experience with your body and mind to last you a lifetime.

Anne Bønning
Anne teaches Fitness and Body & Balance. When Anne is not at IHÅ, she studies sports and political science at Aarhus University.


In Multisport we have versatile motor skills as one of our focus areas. We challenge ourselves with different sports and games and love a good competition.

In Multisport you can challenge yourself with everything from golf to archery and flag football. Trampoline and tumbling is also some of the disciplines we usually have fun with.

The purpose of Multisport is to develop your motor skills and thereby make it easier for you to master new sports easier and quicker. It is a great class if you like versatile training and it may be helpful preparation if you are dreaming of being accepted into a sports education, for example at university.

physical training multisport

your teacher in Multisport

Søren Kiilerich
Søren has a bachelor in Sports Science and great experience as an instructor. When Søren isn’t teaching at the school he is a football coach.


We focus on the individual student’s development – so whether if you like to progress your swimming technique skills or if you are not comfortable in the water, our skilled instructors will assist you during the swimming classes two times a week.

After classes there will be time to use the schools sauna.

physical training multisport

René Schmidt
René teaches Swimming, Outdoor, Sport Science and Crash.