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Instructor and Trainer Education

While you are a student you can take a number of trainer educations or courses. Such qualifications can help you on your way to become a coach or trainer or maybe admission to university or college.

Some of our courses are taken as a part of your Academy or Sport Subject classes while others are taken separately. Common to them all is that they can be a valuable addition for your resume.

First Aid Course

As a student at IHAA you can attend a 9 hour first aid course. Classes are divided between a few evenings and will not take up time from your other classes.

The course is officially approved and will be finished with a diploma.

The first aid course is offered both in the spring and fall semester and costs DKK 300,00 which covers expenses for teaching materials.

first aid course defibrillator

Do you dream of becoming a certified diver?

During your time as a student at Aarhus Sport Academy you can become a certified PADI Scuba Diver. Classes are scheduled as to not interfere with your regular classes. This means that you can follow your Academy or Sport Subjects while taking you diving course.

Once you have completed this basic training as a diver, you can rent equipment and participate in diving trips to 18 meters depth all over the world. You will also be qualified to continue your education and become an even more experienced diver. Who knows one day you might become a diving instructor yourself.

This course is offered both during the spring and fall semester and costs DKK 2.600,-

A PADI certificate is internationally valid and it is your ticket to amazing experiences below the surface.

padi diver course
padi diving course