Optional Classes

Optional Classes are our offer to you while you attend IHAA. Some of the classes you can choose to participate in from one class to the next while some of the other require that you you sign up for a certain number of times.


If you like singing, choir is the right offer for you. In order to be able to improve as a team and practice songs more than one time, Choir is one of the offers where you commit yourself to attend a certain number of classes.

Planned according to your level of experience we work with unison or polyphonic choir compositions. With rhythmic choir as our headline we sing pop, rock, and gospel, but also experiment with other genres depending on your wishes.

We conclude the fall semester with a Christmas Concert and during the spring semester we usually give a concert at Family Day. In between we like to give small performances during Live Café which is our open stage night held once a month.

choir practice - optional class

Sia Lanstorp

Sia is a Music Academy educated jazz singer with great experience. Besides her musical classes Sia also teaches Psychology and Triathlon.

guitar class - optional class


If you know three chords you can play a lot songs on a guitar. The three chords are our focus in the beginner guitar classes. You will learn the most basic chords and how to play as much as possible with them.

Of course, if you are already familiar with a guitar and know the basic chords, we will adjust our level of ambitions. We will work with barre chords, more complex chords, scales and improvisation. We usually establish a few teams for different levels of experience and our goal is for each student to develop their skills according to their starting point.

Here at IHAA we have different types of guitars that you can borrow while you are a student. In this way you have plenty of opportunity to practice in your spare time. Guitar is one of the offers where you sign up for a certain number of sessions.


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned musician, you have the opportunity to experience the dream of playing in a band if you choose Band as your elective. Mainly we play rock and pop.

Kristian Svenningsen, an experienced musician, starts to get to know you a little and then helps to put together two or three bands according to genre, interest and skills. In a collaboration with Kristian, you choose songs that you arrange and work with, but along the way, you are the one with the ideas and initiatives.

In Band, the joy is playing music together. You work with singing and microphone techniques and basic skills on the various instruments. As you learn some songs, it is possible to perform regularly on the school’s own Live Cafe scene. A unique opportunity to gain experience on the stage and then in front of an audience of more than 100 spectators.

choir practice - optional class

Kristian Svenningsen
Kristian is a musician and songwriter with several album releases behind him. Besides music, Kristian also teaches in volleyball and he is responsible for IHÅ’s open stage Live Café.


During the indoor season you can play Squash once a week. We have access to squash courts in the indoor tennis hall right behind the school. You can sign up for Squash from one week to the next.


Tennis is offered during the outdoor season. You can borrow tennis rackets and balls at the school and you can sign up from one week to the next.


Badminton is offered as a non-compulsory class during the fall semester where it is usually not established as a sport subject. You can sign up from one week to the next and borrow rackets etc. at the school.