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You will have your Elective two times a week while you are a student at IHAA. You will choose one elective at the beginning of the semester and halfway through you can choose a new elective.
You’ll find the selection of electives described here.


MultiArt is your chance to tease your creativity with different projects.

In this elective class we have the time and space to experiment with different materials, techniques and other craftsman projects. Some of the things we work with are rubber tubes, tractor tyres, street art, felting, bead plates, painting, crocheting and a lot more. You will gain knowledge on different types of arts and crafts as well as insight into the development of art through different time periods.

Art theory as well as art history is brought to life through practical projects. We connect history and contemporary themes to give you an understanding of the importance of art in our modern society. In MultiArt you will get your hands on unknown materials, and it will tease your creativity and maybe bring out an artist in you that you didn’t know existed.

Inga Schjøtt
Inga teaches Multiart, Fitness and Danish. She is also IHAA’s student counselor.

Rikke Becker
Rikke teaches MultiArt. She is IHAA’s creative mind and can make everything out of anything.


In Drama class we play with improv as well as manuscripts, characters and different ways of creating dramatic scenes. Another thing that we have fun with is performance art. We might go on a trip to downtown Aarhus and challenge ourselves and the citizens of Aarhus by playing different characters on the streets.

The first Drama classes are all about building trust between us. In that way we become comfortable performing in front of each other before we expand our audience. We might end the semester with a show for all your friends and fellow students.
Drama might also be the class for you if you are uneasy with public speaking. We will help you become comfortable in your voice and on stage in front of people.

If you bring good spirits and an open mind you can expect a lot of fun with your friends and a dedicated teacher.

Jacob Struve Nielsen
Jacob has studied dramaturgy at university and has been teaching drama classes for more than 12 years. He is a real folk high school man with many talents, and he also teaches HandballTennis and Ski.


The world of film is a world that offers amazing experiences, a break in a hectic life, and glimpses of other worlds. Movies can seduce and evoke strong emotions.

The idea behind this Film class is to analyze, discuss, and put into perspective both the films themselves and also the industry and choices you make when you choose to watch a movie. In this class you will learn that the film industry is much more than the blockbusters that are shown in danish mainstream cinemas. We talk about the significance of the massive sums of money that are a part of producing a movie and how it affects the type of movies that are being produced.
We watch movies from many different countries and cultures. You will experience how differently two people can watch the same movie and how a movie can affect and change opinions in a society or an individual.

We watch movies in our own little cinema at the school, but also go on trips to an art cinema in downtown Aarhus.

Arne Grønbæk
Arne is the schools film buff. He enjoys a good blockbuster, but even more so he enjoys the good stories and independent films. Arne is also the vice head master, and when he isn’t teaching this class he can often be found on the football pitch, as he is in charge of the Football Academy.


In this elective class you will learn about why we as humans act, think, and feel the way we do. We will try to figure out how we can control some of the emotions that might be holding us back.

In Psychology we will work with topics such as non-verbal communication and body language, love and what we are attracted to, phobias, obsessive behaviors, positive psychology, and mindfulness.

Classes are based around film, lectures, reading, discussions and different exercises. During the classes you will gain a greater knowledge on the different topics, theories and perspectives.

You should choose Psychology if you are interested in the human psyche and would like to know more. Psychology classes are taught in danish.

*The class is only in Danish

Sia Lanstorp
Sia has a Bachelor in Psychology and great teaching experience. She also teaches Triathlon, Your Voice and Choir. In addition to her university degree, Sia is also a certified fitness instructor and a Music Academy educated jazz singer.


Crash is the class for you if you are ready for challenges and would like to test your physical and mental boundaries. You will work on your own personal development and your view on other people.

During Crash classes you will participate in experiments that will make you experience the world from a different point of view. Previous classes have for example visited a casino in order for you to experience some of the forces that are brought into play in relation to gambling addiction.

You might also try to experience how homosexuals are treated. Can you walk hand in hand with a same sex friend through downtown Aarhus? If yes how do people look at you?

We also work with how to handle stress and fear. How can you handle fear in the best possible way? and how can you as a group and team help each other complete a difficult task?

*The course is taught only in Danish

René Schmidt
René teaches Crash, Outdoor Adventure and Triathlon. René can teach you just about anything that takes place outside, among other things kayak, ski, surf and climbing. He is also a talented musician.

Your Voice

Your Voice is singing lessons with a focus on improving the control of your voice and your performance. Depending on your level of experience we work with improving your technique, breath control, pitch control and musical intonation.

Your Voice is a safe and creative space where you can explore your voice and become comfortable expressing yourself through song and in front of an audience.

Your Voice is about the joy of singing and bringing meaning to the songs through reflection and interpretation. We sing as a choir, but you will also get solo lessons if you are up for it. Your Voice also often prepare a small performance for Live Café.

Sia Lanstorp
Sia is a Musical Academy educated jazz singer with great experience. In addition to her musical talents Sia also teaches Psychology and Triathlon.

Music Room

We have a big music room that is well equipped with lots of instruments and a professional sound system. The music room is always open and available to you while you are students at the school.


It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced musician or a beginner, in this class you can live out your dream of being in a band. Genre wise our starting point is rock and pop.

Your teacher Kristian Svenningsen, is an experienced musician, and he will begin the semester with getting to know you, your musical experience, and your expectations. Hereafter he will help you form bands according to genre, interests, and skills. In coorporation with Kristian you will choose songs that you will work with, and as you become more experienced you will work more independently.

In Band we focus on the joy of playing music with other people. You will work on your singing technique, performance and basic skills on different instruments. As you learn a few songs you have plenty of opportunities to perform regularly when the schools hosts a Live Café once a month. Those nights are unique opportunities to get some stage experience in front of more than one hundred of your friends.

Kristian Svenningsen
Kristian is a musician and songwriter who has released several albums. In addition to the music Kristian teaches Volleyball.

Food for Thought

Food for thought and thoughts about food, that is what this class is about.

We cook food and discuss food, food production, organic food, sustainable food, and much more. We explore nature’s pantry, try out vegetarian dishes, challenge each other in cooking cheap student dinners, or create gourmet dishes over a camp fire. We taste the sweet and the sour and explore how our body sense the taste of different food.

We look at food culture from a global perspective and create and taste dishes from all over the world. We will also try our hand in creating short information videos to spread our food experiences to a wider audience.

Jakob Mønsted
Jakob teaches i BasketballOutdoor Adventure and Food for Thought.