Culture Class

Culture Class is the collective name for the group of classes that you will have Wednesday and Friday afternoon, but it is also the name of one of the classes – a bit confusing, we know. You can choose between regular Culture Class, Event Management, and Songwriting.

Event Management

Event Management is the class for you if you are interested in working with projects. You will work with real projects and learn about how to organize, plan, and control an event up until launch. Thus you will be guided through all of the processes that are necessary in order to complete a great event.

The school’s fun music festival is one of the projects that needs to be worked on during the spring semester. The entire school will be turned into a festival ground and you Event Managers are responsible for all of the planning in collaboration with the schools Alumni Society.  You will also plan other smaller events for all of your fellow students or plan happenings in downtown Aarhus.

*The course is taught only in Danish

Event management idrætshøjskolen aarhus

You can expect to have your boundaries tested when Event Management goes into town.


If you choose Songwriting as your Culture Class you will be taught and mentored by professional songwriters and practicing musicians. You will have plenty of time to write songs, perform them on stage and you will also get a chance to record a few of them in a studio.

”I had played quite a bit of music before I came to IHAA, but I had never written a song. Now I have written five songs and had one of them recorded. It’s quite transgressive to give so much of oneself, but it is also amazing to write your own lyrics and melodies.”

Professional Help for All Levels of Experience
With your level of experience as a starting point we will help you put your ideas and dreams into song. We seek inspiration from some of the great songwriters and try to find our own sound and style in our melodies and lyrics.

Become a Part of a World of Music
At our school we have everything you need in terms of equipment and places to practice. We also host a regular Live Café for the entire student body where you can perform your songs in front of an audience.

song writing aarhus

Inger – Songwriting student

Kristian Svenningsen

Kristian is a musician and songwriter who has released several albums. In addition to the music Kristian also teaches Volleyball.

Culture Wednesday

As the name suggests, Culture Wednesday takes place on Wednesdays. We debate current topics in society and get visits from interesting speakers. When possible we plan a theme for the whole day so the class of the afternoon are about the same topic as the folk high school evening. That way we’ll have a true culture Wednesday.

Volunteer Work
A Culture Wednesday project that has been repeated several times is volunteer work. This project is about you students choosing an organisation to do volunteer work for. Some students have planned and taught sports activities for kids, some have visited elderly people at a retirement home while others have become blood donors or have helped hospital clowns entertain sick kids.

It is your choice what to do as long as it involves helping other people and you experience the joy of giving a bit of your time to volunteer work.

*The teaching is only in Danish

Culture Friday

Culture Friday is a class for both danish and international students. Often we will make lunch packs in the morning go on a day trip to some of the exciting culture institutions around Aarhus.

Another Friday project can be presentations of some of the many cultures and nationalities we have here at IHAA. This is the chance for you internationals to present your home country and culture. Maybe you will be inspired to visit your new Japanese, Kenyan or Icelandic friend after your stay at the school.

*The teaching is only in Danish