Your day at IHAA


A regular day begins when your alarm clock goes off at around 7.00 am. Breakfast is from 7.15-45 am, and we serve freshly baked bread, yoghurt, cheese, juice etc. If your team has kitchen or cleaning duties this morning you have to finish your breakfast before 7.30 am.

The morning classes begins at 8.00 and runs until 10.00 am where you have a break and a mid morning snack of coffee, tea and fruit. You might use your break for a quick shower depending on your morning classes.


At 11.30 am your morning classes are over and at noon we serve lunch. A warm dish, salad, bread and cold cuts are usually on the lunch menu. After lunch you have time for a break. Breaks and time off are something we treasure. It is during your breaks that you have time to just relax, play games and have fun together.

At 1.00 pm your classes for the afternoon begins. Some days you will have sports classes and some days you will have creative, musical or cultural classes. In the afternoon you will have another break and a snack to satisfy your hunger until dinnertime. From around 3.00-4.00 pm your time is your own. Some like to squeeze in a workout in the gym, others might practice with their band, and some just like to relax with an afternoon nap. Most of our facilities are open every day until 11.00 pm.


At 6.00 pm it is dinnertime. The evening is your own. A few students might have practice with a local sports club, but a lot just hang out, watch a game or go to a match with one of our local sports teams. We often have free or cheap tickets for a basket, football, or handball match.

The days pass, they look alike but are totally different. Time stands still, but also disappears like sand between your fingers. You have fun, you are busy practising, or you are just busy relaxing in great company.

In the weekends most students stay at the school. You don’t have any mandatory classes, but there is always plenty of activities. The school also has a small café which opens in the weekend. Here you can hang out without paying premium price for a beer. At IHAA we like keeping the occasional party at the school with your friends. Sunday is for relaxing and recharging.

As one of our students once said:

“I can’t remember what I learned during my time at the school, but i’ll never forget it.”

Teams & Duties

The word “duties” can sound a bit discouraging, but don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you could think. At IHAA you are a part of a close knit community and you are a part of making this community run smoothly. You will become a part of a team and together with your teammates you will be responsible for a number of tasks in the weeks that it’s your turn. There are kitchen and cleaning duties and each team will take turns being the host team of the week and arrange different activities or entertainment. The different duties are distributed as to not take up your spare time. They are easy tasks that won’t take up a lot of your time and energy.

During your stay, you and your room mate will be responsible for keeping your room nice and clean, but we’ll make it easy for you. We hand out all of the cleaning supplies you need and we distribute clean bed linen every two weeks. You can wash your dirty sports clothes free of charge in the basement.

Sparetime and breaks

Your sparetime is your own. There is plenty of it, but before you know it, it is filled with exciting activities. You might get involved in organising the next theme party or you might have band practice before your next Live Café performance.

Your mandatory classes are from around 8.00 am until 3.30 pm after that your time is your own. Wednesday is the only evening with a mandatory activity, what we call the folk high school evening. In the weekends a lot of our student stay at the school. There is always a teacher on duty and a variety of voluntary activities to choose from. It is also easy to take a bike or city bus to downtown Aarhus and enjoy a movie or a bit of shopping.

The breaks are the most important. This is where you live, reflect on life, or just hold hands with a certain someone.

sparetime - your day at ihaa

dining hall - your day at ihaa

Food and Kitchen

At Sport Academy Aarhus we eat delicious food that is made to accomodate your dietary needs as athletes.

Our kitchen serves three main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner and three snacks in between. We always serve fresh and homemade food. All meals are well-balanced and with a nutritional content to fit your high level of activity. Therefore, our meals are green, low fat and have plenty of whole grains and protein.

You will always end up feeling full even if you have specific dietary needs. Our Head of Kitchen is also a dietician and he can guide you on everything from weight loss to weight gain and muscle building.


For the next months IHAA might become your home. You will live in a double room with en suite toilet and shower that you will be sharing with a roommate, a roommate that might become a friend for life.

All of our rooms have been renovated within the last few years.The rooms aren’t huge, but you won’t spend much time there apart from sleeping, as there is so much going on at the school all the time. The rooms are nicely furnished and with a personal touch from you they can become great. The girls are usually the first to begin personalizing their rooms, but we have also seen som great “man caves” over the years.

You can access our WiFi all over the school and most of our common areas have TV.

bathroom - your day at IHAA

IHAA is located close to beach, forest and downtown Aarhus.

Our unique location adds an extra dimension to your folk high school stay. You can go to the beach with your friends, hop on your bike and go downtown for a bit of shopping, visit a cafe or just enjoy some of all the culture and sports events that the city has to offer.