A Folk High School Stay

Here you’ll find all of the practical information regarding a stay at IHAA. Remember, if you are in doubt about anything, or there is some informattion you can’t find, don’t hesitate to contact us. You are always welcome to write to us at [email protected] or call at+45 86 21 38 00.

A folk high school stay is a chance for you to just spend time on you. Who are you, what can you do and where do you want to go in the future. You’ll get friends and experiences to last you a lifetime. You can attend the spring or fall semester or choose to stay with us for a whole year or longer.

Spring semester: Duration 23 weeks, begins in January.
Fall semester: Duration 19 weeks, begins in August.
Year: Duration 41 weeks, You can begin either in January or August.

At IHAA you can design your own stay. Besides your sport classes you will also follow a variety of creative, musical and other classes. You will spend around 50% on sport and 50% on general classes.

When you apply for a stay at our school you have to choose two different sport subjects that you will train each two times a week. You can also choose to be a student at our Football or Handball Academy instead. You will train four times a week with the Academy. We have no requirement for your level of experience as an academy student. You just have to want to spend time being ambitious about your sport and personal development.

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